What is the point of MillionInscriptions.com?

MillionInscriptions is an innovative take on the classic “million-dollar homepage” concept, but with a blockchain twist! The unique advertising and showcase space pays tribute to the increasing popularity of Bitcoin NFTs, thanks to “Ordinals”, which many believe will positively impact the Bitcoin network’s security and attract developers to the ecosystem. On MillionInscriptions, around 1 million pixels are broken up into 4 thousand 16x16 tiles for 0.01 BTC each.

What’s in it for me?

By purchasing pixel estate on the MillionInscriptions page, you will not only be able to advertise your business or showcase your favorite image and pfp to an interested audience, but you will also become part of blockchain history! Your image will be inscribed on the Bitcoin blockchain, providing a permanent record of your contribution to the page. In this sense, MillionInscriptions.com is a novel and exciting opportunity to be part of a unique piece of internet history. The platform also offers a custom link feature, which allows you to direct traffic to your website and social media page, or to simply flex your Ordinal NFTs. Once all pixels are taken, users with larger estates will get access to a custom profile page, which will provide further customization options.

A “million” page on the blockchain: sounds familiar!

Other dazzling attempts on the Ethereum blockchain have been made, but using the Bitcoin blockchain adds an extra layer of significance, especially with recent upgrades and the development of the Ordinal protocol. The MillionInscriptions page allows you to showcase images, which are live on Bitcoin's prestigious blockchain.

Can I change my image/ad and URL?

Please make sure that you upload a file that you are comfortable displaying. You cannot display a new image at your estate on MillionInscriptions, but you can always change your custom link using the order information field. If you want to display a new image at your estate on MillionInscriptions, get in touch with us. We reserve our right to mark or remove an inappropriate image from our page.

Uploaded files will be permanently inscribed on the BTC blockchain and can be viewed by anyone.

I love the concept! How can I pay and display?

  1. Pick an image you're comfortable with, considering pixel size and aspect ratio.
  2. Pay the price (includes display fee of 0.01 BTC/tile + file size-dependent inscription fee).
  3. After that, the image will be inscribed onto the BTC blockchain and displayed at your chosen estate at MillionInscriptions.
  4. Do you have a compatible BTC address? Your inscription will be on its way to you. If you don’t have an address, we will hold the inscription for you until you create your own one. Just use your order ID in the order status whenever you are ready. Managing an ordinals-compatible receiving address is the sole responsibility of you.

Ordinals Technology and your responsibility - Disclaimer

Be mindful that Ordinal inscriptions are a new technology with limited options for organizing them. It is solely the responsibility of the user to ensure a compatible wallet is used for inscription and to manage an Ordinal-compatible receiving address.

MillionInscriptions serves as a display page for your Ordinal NFTs. As such, you are solely responsible for your inscription and its promotion. Be also mindful that MillionInscriptions.com assumes no liability for any wrongdoing or unlawful display and promotions made by users. It’s up to you to ensure that the images provided do not infringe copyright and are generally lawful. Please be responsible while using our platform.

Any questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact us using the contact form below.